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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Magic Spanking Factory: Jonathon Loses His Driving Licence


Oh the arrogance of the young!!

Countless times Stephen told Jonathon not to drink and drive. Countless times Jonathon has ignored the warnings.

Now the stupid boy's irresponsibility has come back to bite him on the bottom, in the form of a letter letter came showing the result of his blood/alcohol test after he was stopped by the police. 
Well over the legal limit. An absolute catastrophe! That will cost him a fortune in fines and he will lose his license for a year.

Those of us who know Stephen can be in no doubt what happened next. Jonathon knows he is about to get a very sore bottom

Stephen grabbed the lad and dragged him over his knee. Pulling his jeans up tightly he started to spank his very round jeans clad buttocks.


Stephen spanked Jonathon so hard that very soon he started to whine and wanted me to stop. “Stop?” Stephen was absolutely fuming and had hardly even f***ing started. Stephen continued with the prolonged jeans spanking until he felt it had gotten through to Jonathon that he meant business.

The Magic Spanking factory believe this is the longest over-jeans spanking they have ever filmed.

When Stephen told Jonathon to drop his jeans he looked at him pleadingly and tried to delay the inevitable. However, the lad was out of luck, bent over the table now, the beating continued.

  Now using Jonathon's own belt Stephen lashed at his now lightly clad buttocks with a vengeance. Soon his well formed cheeks were clenching and dancing as lash after lash of the cruel belt landed on his bent over bottom.

When his underpants come down a painful red hue is exposed but not painful looking enough in Stephen's opinion.

The whipping continues as does Jonathon's moaning and groaning. Stephen tell him to just shut up and take the punishment he deserves. With this long beating he was determined to knock the stupidity out of Jonathon.

If you do watch this clip then I think you will agree that Stephen succeeded.


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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Sting: Just Matt Compilation UPDATE

Due to an oversight, one of the many scenes from Matt's time with Sting was omitted from the Just Matt Compilation. As soon as this was brought to Sting's attention, and aware that Matt's fans want to see as much of him as possible, the scene was added and the full version, including the previously missing scene is now available on the Sting site.

Anyone who has already purchased the original version of Just Mat should contact sting at so that they and arrange for you to receive the extra length version.

Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property rights


Sting: Angry Dads 14

So more wayward sons have be testing the water again, just to see how much they can get away with. There's a limit though, there always is and that's when Dad's had quite enough thank you! Time to take steps and add a taste of stinging discipline to quickly remedy the situation.

In this next instalment Johnny (Joey White) is supposed to be at work but instead is drinking at home playing music. Unaware that looking through the door is his fed up father who quickly gets his attention.

Talking just doesn't work where Johnny is concerned a dad decides to give him a good spanking with the added embarrassment of taking down his jeans (not a nice feeling at 19 years old).


Still not convinced he has learned his lesson dad orders Johnny to get the slipper! Shuffling along with his jeans round his ankles he retrieves the dreaded slipper. 
Now kneeling on his bed dad wastes no time in getting johnny to realise how angry he is with him and a good slippering commences giving a stinging example on his bare bum.

Later that day Johnny's younger brother James (Mike Alvez) is up to no good as usual skipping high school and stealing money from his sister's bedroom. 
Too bad dad was watching him..

Still angry from dealing with Johnny, dad wastes no time and gets straight into spanking his other miscreant son.

 Pants and jeans pulled down the spanking continues as James struggles trying to avoid dads persistently painful hand.


Not content that James has received sufficient punishment Dad sends the unlucky lad off to get the slipper from the cupboard.

Kneeling on his sisters bed dad brings down the slipper hard on his bare bum. as the redness intensifies dad has to hold him still to finish what he started. 

But dad is still not happy and is later seen following James down the road cane in hand making sure James gives his sister's money back. 

Boy dad is angry!


For the next three weeks a full sized, high definition, version of the video preview trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE



BBFC: Harry Knows Better


Harry is watching porn in the salon and he knows better than to to do that, but of course it does not stop him. He has just dropped his trousers and settled down when he is caught in the act. 
He finds himself kneeling on the chair and getting his cute furry little bum spanked. Harry is a marked contrast to all the smooth guys out there. He gets his spanking and looks very sheepish at the end as he is marched out the room. 


This update is at Clips4sale and will be on the BBFC site in due course
Links are provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights